Report Launch: Climate change, Migration and Displacement


When: Thursday 24 May, 11-12:30

Where: Parliament Annex Auditorium

Who: UNDP and Finnish Refugee Council

Our changing climate is having a significant impact on life and livelihoods all over the world: storms, rising sea levels, desertification, droughts and flooding are occurring more frequently and with increased intensity. These changes are affecting people everywhere, but in developing countries the consequences are often more severe than in wealthy ones.

While overall migration figures are similar to what they were in 2000, the proportion of migrants in high-income countries has risen considerably. In 2016, more than 24 million people were displaced by sudden-onset climate-related hazards such as storms and floods, and the ten largest displacement events were climate-related. At the same time, we have seen an increase in conflicts in some of the most climate-sensitive parts of the world, leading to discussions about the role of climate in driving insecurity.

Join UNDP and Finnish Refugee Council in examining the effect of climate change on the movement of people and on insecurity: How does climate interact with existing vulnerabilities and risks? Can we attribute migration and displacement to climate change? And can we do the same with regard to conflict and insecurity? How is Finland affected, and what role does Finland play in tackling these issues?

At this event, the UNDP report 'Climate change, Migration and Displacement: the need for a risk-informed and coherent approach,' will be presented, followed by commentary from the other speakers and a panel discussion.


Olli-Poika Parviainen, MP, Green Party

Jan Kellett, Special Advisor for External Engagement on Climate, Disaster and Energy, UNDP

Ville Niinistö, Green Party MP

Emma Hakala, Research Fellow, Global Security Research Programme, Finnish Institute of Foreign Affairs

Ida Schauman, Special adviser on refugee issues & advocacy, Finnish Refugee Council


Moderator: Hanna Sarkkinen, Left Alliance MP and Development Policy Committee Vice-Chairperson



The event is open to all, but we kindly ask you to register through Eventbrite.

For further information: Liisa Mäkinen, UNDP Nordic Office, phone: +358458535445


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