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World Malaria Day: UNDP welcomes renewed push to fight deadly disease

Geneva – Tremendous progress to eliminate malaria has been made over the past decade, including a global reduction in malaria deaths of more than 25 percent, yet per year the disease still infects 219 million people and causes 660,000 deaths. In addition to its direct impact on the health ofLue lisää (englanti)

World Water Day 2010: Clean water for a healthy world

  An improved irrigation system improves agricultural production in Tanzania. (Photo: UNDP/CWI/SGP) Today, on World Water Day, we are reminded of how the availability of clean water and safe sanitation shapes human lives in many ways. It impacts humanLue lisää (englanti)


World Water Day 2012

Thanks to a concerted global effort, progress is being made, but too many people still struggle without access to clean water and sanitation  Water sustains and saves lives, but when it is unclean or contaminated, it can be deadly: water-borne infectious diseases are holding back povertyLue lisää (englanti)

World in crises needs strong multilateral system, says UNDP chief

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark addresses Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA New York   “Providing citizens with better employment opportunities, quality education, and the chance to benefit more from and contribute more meaningfully to their country’s progress and to decisions which haveLue lisää (englanti)

World leaders vow to fight poverty at UN Summit

(Photo: UNDP/Luis Pereira) World leaders vowed at the United Nations headquarters in New York to reduce global poverty, two-thirds into the 15-year global plan to achieve the Lue lisää (englanti)


Angola, Namibia and South Africa sign world’s first large marine ecosystem legal framework

Benguela, Angola — With the signing of the Benguela Current Convention, Angola, Namibia and South Africa will work together on the long-term conservation and sustainable use of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem, one of the richest ecosystems on earth. Stretching from Port Elizabeth inLue lisää (englanti)


World’s most powerful women call for stronger political role for females

New York – More than 20 of the world’s most powerful women called for more political participation for women as a crucial step for democracy, peace and sustainable economic and social development at an event during the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly today. Among heads ofLue lisää (englanti)


Yemen takes historic step as millions vote

Sana’a - After months of chaos and the ghost of civil war, Yemen marked a new chapter Tuesday as millions of Yemenis voted to end the turmoil and move towards a new future. The presidential election is the first critical benchmark in a two-year transitional period, and voters turned out in largeLue lisää (englanti)


Yemenis head to the polls to elect president

Yemenis head to the polls today to bring a close to more than three decades of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule.  These elections are a first step towards the implementation of the political transition agreement, based on the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative, signed on November 23rd ofLue lisää (englanti)

Young Latin Americans welcome future with optimism, but demand less corruption, poverty and violence

Madrid - Young people in Latin America, Portugal and Spain are optimistic about their future—two out of three believe that in five years they will be better off than they are now—, according to the 1st Ibero-American Youth Survey (available in Spanish), presented today in Madrid. The first studyLue lisää (englanti)

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